In Action

Our Mission: Connecting leaders, Changing lives, building healthy communities In the Name of Christ

Our Vision: We see a future with vibrant effective cross sector citywide collaboration focused on implementing spiritual and social solutions


  • Valley Communities

    Connecting churches with churches for community outreach

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  • CHEV

    Uniting and equipping Hispanic Pastors, building regional networks, releasing resources, reaching people.

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  • Valley Medical

    Serving the hurting holistically, rebuilding hope through the gospel while meeting physical needs

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  • MEN

    Equipping Christian men to seek God in prayer, strive to become what He’s designed us to be, and serve as Christ served

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  • City Advance

    Connecting, equipping and coaching leaders of citywide gospel movements that impact spiritual and social solutions

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  • Children's Champions

    Partnering with rural pastors to identify, equip, train, and sustain children’s and youth ministry leaders

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What We Do

  • Pastor Andrei Sava

    Communities INC helped to connect our church with a church in Avenal. We entered into this partnership with selfless desire to be a blessing to the believer’s in Avenal. So far this ministry and the outreach has been an amazing blessing for our church.


Connecting and equipping  leaders to engage in spiritual and social solutions.

Effective leaders influence others – We connect leaders to leaders, locally, statewide, and nationally, for peer to peer relationship building. As a result, both capacity and compassion are increased. Building effective cross sector community networks, dramatically increases each leaders’ influence and capacity to serve more people resulting in healthier communities.


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We convene leaders, building citywide collaborative strategies, increasing capacity to implement spiritual and social solutions resulting in building healthier communities.


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A regional network of significant relationships is essential to releasing resources to reach people. Studies show people must have felt needs met, but to change lives this happens through connecting with the needs of the whole person; physical, emotional and spiritual.  These changes can only happen through trusted relationships, and proven initiatives that CARE for people.


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We see coaching as a dynamic journey between the coach and the one being coached. Helping that person/team move from where they are toward the person/team desired destinations. Those destinations are defined and shaped by the person/team being coached with the help of the coach to unlock the vision, spiritually discern, build confidence, focus on goals, take practical steps and celebrate progress.


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