City Advance



Connecting, Equipping and coaching leaders with a vision for gospel movements

that seek spiritual and societal solutions.



We see citywide relational networks that work to release resources to reach people in every city.


The Resource

Concerned and compassionate leaders live and work in every sector of our community. City Advance is a consultation that helps to close the gaps that disconnect these leaders providing them with innovative working examples leading to spiritual and social solutions that change lives. We see Christ followers, people of good faith, working alongside people of good will restoring and building healthy communities.


What We Do

  • Provide City Advance consultations that connect and equip leaders seeking to build citywide movements.
  • We use adult peer learning high impact sessions focused around unpacking working models that are transferable examples to empower city leaders to become more effective in their cities
  • We build regional and national relationship networks that expand your capacity and provide resources
  • Our experienced coaching team will help to maximize your personal and leadership team objectives.



  • Seattle, WA. OCT.20-21
  • Portland, OR. Nov. 30-Dec 1st
  • California, Statewide – Fresno, CA Feb. 10-12
  • India, Nationwide * Mumbai, Feb 16-18


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What others are saying

For the past 20 years, the Mission America Coalition has served city movements across America. We are always blessed when city reachers meet at the table to discern new directions and assess best practices. I am delighted to encourage involvement in the California City Advance.

Paul Cedar, Chairman Mission America Coalition


I would highly encourage you to attend the City Advance this affordable, accessible and practical equipping will grow the effectiveness of your city movement.

Alan Doswald, Founder ESA/Love INC


City Advance is uniquely designed to help leaders learn from each other as together we seek the growth and multiplication of city movements.

Kevin Palau, President Luis Palau Association


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